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Baby Blanket and Booties Crocheted by Helnzoo2

Submit an Entry: Best Crochet Projects Made in 2010

By Helnzoo2

Baby Blanket and Booties Crocheted by Helnzoo2

Blanket and booties

Baby Blanket and Booties Crocheted by Helnzoo2

Cool green blanket

Project Title and Brief Description

Cool Green Baby Carriage Blanket

Why Was This Your Best Project From 2010?

This was one of my best because I loved working with this yarn (Caron Simply Soft - Soft Green 9903) it is exactly that "Simply Soft" perfect for anything Baby. I combined two different patterns to make this blanket and everything worked out just as I planned. It is going to Ohio to a soon to be newborn girl and the booties I made from the 1/8" satin ribbon.

Lessons Learned

  • I can combine two different patterns and come up with beautiful variations of just basic patterns and stitches.

Amy Solovay, About.com Crochet, says:

To Helnzoo2: Thanks for sharing these outstanding crochet projects with us, and thanks also for the great tip. Well done! They turned out beautiful.

To Everyone: If you're interested in crocheting a sweet little something for a new arrival, you're invited to check out our baby afghan patterns and other baby patterns. We hope you'll make good use of them.

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