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Darlene's Vintage Tablecloth Edging

Submit an Entry: Best Crochet Projects Made in 2010

By Darlene Mays

Darlene's Vintage Tablecloth Edging

Vintage Tablecloth Edging

Project Title and Brief Description

My best project of 2010 is a tablecloth edging. I found the pattern in the October 1918 Needlecraft magazine. It's the edging to match the spiderweb pattern.

Why Was This Your Best Project From 2010?

I've never attempted a vintage pattern before but I really wanted to try one. So far it's turning out great. I haven't quite finished it yet but I'll be finished within the next couple of days. I used vintage thread and a vintage tablecloth that my mother-in-law gave me. The edging really improves the look of the table cloth.

Lessons Learned

  • Vintage patterns aren't as hard as you might think. Give them a try.

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