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Reader Submissions: Best Crochet Projects Made in 2012


We've invited our readers to share their best crochet projects from 2012, and we think they've shared some pretty cool stuff. We hope you'll agree, and that you'll enjoy viewing their amazing work.

Got a project to share? We invite you to post yours, too!

Petite Crochet Trim by Boocoos

The Petite Trim was made for no reason other than to use up scraps I had. It is easy, even for a beginner, and as I discovered could be made a specific length for something like a pillowcase, necklin…More

Plarn Poinsettia Christmas Brooch

Although the smallest, this was my most challenging project. It was designed for my mother. I remember her wearing a poinsettia brooch that was similar, but not crocheted. I enjoy making and crocheti…More

NZMichelle's Angry Bird Hat

Everyone loves this hat, because it is so cool. I made it for my partner, and his workmates are jealous when he wears it. :) It's the second beanie I have crocheted, and the first one where I had to …More

Tekmatt's Log Cabin Afghan

This afghan is important to me because I crocheted the blocks while sitting at my mother's bedside over the course of the year. She's 91, and still ticking, and likes visiters to stop and stay awhile…More

Suzie's Baby Cocoon and Hat Set -- With Free Crochet Patterns

I designed a series of sleep sacks (cocoons) for charities that benefit infants and children. I lost count of how many I've crocheted and knitted. in 2012. There are about 20 different patterns I des…More

Kathryn V's Upcycled Oversized Crochet Shrug

I made a lot of things I really liked in 2012. And I actually made a few things that I wear more than this. But I felt like this was my best project because it gave me a chance to save an item I'd cr…More

Ronni's Mixed Media Clay Mask With Freeform Crochet

I love working with clay and have been taking a class at a center. I created a mask out of clay and decided to put holes around it hoping I could combine it with yarn by crocheting into the holes.. I…More

Ronni's Colorful Freeform Crochet Bag

As a free form crocheter, I felt a need to create something that was useful and had purpose. I accomplished this goal and it made me create something that was utilitarian as well as unique and freely…More

Christina's Crocheted Fashion Doll Gown

I made it for my granddaughter's first communion. I've never tackled anything this intricate before and am pleased with the way it turned out. I also purchased a new Barbie doll for this project and …More

Shelby's Bedspread Restoration Project With Crocheted Border

To tell you the truth, this was my only project from 2012. My crocheting isn't what it used to be years ago when I used to work on many projects and finish lots of things. This year life got in the w…More

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