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Reader Submissions: Best Crochet Projects Made in 2012

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Think back over all the projects you crocheted in 2012. Which projects did you finish? What did you learn from them? Did they teach you new stitches, or new techniques? Perhaps you completed a charity project that helped your community. Perhaps you crocheted a baby afghan in celebration of a new life. Perhaps you are a brand new crocheter, and you completed your first square, or scarf.

Our crochet milestones reflect the milestones in our lives. We invite you to share yours! Share your best project, or projects, from 2012.

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Who was this project made for? Why is it significant? Tell us about how it turned out. What do you like about it?

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Did you learn any new stitches or techniques? Got advice for someone who might like to crochet a similar project?

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