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Ann's Vintage Crocheted Bedspreads

Share Your Story: Vintage Family Heirloom Crochet

By Ann Kelley

Ann's Vintage Crocheted Bedspreads

Grandma's Bedspread

Ann's Vintage Crocheted Bedspreads

My Bedspread

Who Crocheted Your Family Heirloom?

Some time in the period between high school graduation and marriage (1961 to 1965), I asked my Grandmother to crochet me a bedspread (only later did I realize what a monsterous request this was). She did and I still have it. The pattern is from Coats and Clarks and is called ‘Mosiac Rose.’ It was made with cream-colored #10 thread. The spread ended up being queen size - in an era when there was no such thing unless you pushed 2 twin beds together!

Describe Your Hand-Crocheted Heirloom in Detail.

In about 1980 I started a bedspread in #30 ecru thread. Because I hate dealing with thread ends, I actually crocheted the top in one piece even though the pattern called for filet squares. I carried this project with me until it became too big. To make a long story short, I finished the top and laid it aside for a while. Then I made the drop which was a separate piece. The two pieces 'rested' a while longer. Eventually, I finished it. I entered it in the Indiana State Fair in 1991 (my first time to enter there) and this took the sweepstakes for a crocheted item!!

We finally got a queen-size bed some time around the time I finished my spread. When I got around to digging out Grandma's spread, I was shocked to realize it was the same pattern as I had used to make my spread!! Why I hadn't recongized that sooner, I don't know. I guess it shows we both have/had good taste in patterns!

My Grandma did a lot of crocheting (as did her mother). After I asked for this spread, she went on to make idential spreads for all 'the women' in the family - her daughter, daughter-in-law and all 3 granddaughters. Then she followed that with (big!)tablecloths for everyone. All were done in #30 thread and done in an old pattern that called for multiple motifs that had a lot of sc in the center.

Today, I have a queen-size bed and periodically I put it on the bed although because we have a dog who thinks the greatest napping place ever is on the pillows, I don't use it a lot.


  • I have to admit that I have never washed my spread and it is stored in a large plastic bag (I know, that's not really ideal).
  • Grandma's spread has been washed a couple of times but I'm careful about using it because it's so big and heavy to wash.
  • I have a lot of my grandmother's crocheted (and quilted) things as well as HER mother's things and a lot of them I use regularly. Most of these things are a minmum of 30 years old and up to 100+ years old (Grandma married in 1908). I wash almost everything in a laundry bag in the washer with gentle cycle. I don't starch most pieces - just block.

Amy Solovay, About.com Crochet, says:

To Ann: Those bedspreads are both exquisite! Congrats on the well-deserved win at the state fair. What a great story! Thanks for sharing it with us, and thanks also for all the wonderful tips.

To Everyone: You are all invited to share the stories of your vintage crocheted heirlooms too. You might also enjoy seeing a vintage handkerchief posted by another reader. If you'd rather try your hand at crocheting a vintage design, be sure to visit our list of vintage crochet patterns.

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