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Reader Stories: Organizing Your Yarn Stash


One thing crochet enthusiasts have in common: we all use fiber or material of some sort- usually yarn, crochet thread, wire, ribbon, or plarn. The more we accumulate, the greater the challenge in keeping it all organized.

If you'd like to learn more about the methods other crocheters use for keeping their stashes organized, you've found a good starting point. You'll find plenty of ideas and inspiration here! Browse through a variety of yarn stash photos, plus read tips and advice for getting your yarn and fiber organized and sorted neatly.

Kelly's System for Yarn Organization

Each bin is assigned by yarn weight (lace, sport, dk, ww, bulky, super bulky, novelty). Some weights have more than one bin because I have more of it (such as WW) and those bins are divided into acry…More

Beth's Yarn Basket With Custom-Made Crochet Hook Holder

I organize mainly by fiber type. Yarns go in my basket, while most other fibers go into the drawer, inside plastic bags so I can see what's what easily. I usually work straight out of my big basket w…More

Pmhenry's Story: Practical Advice for Organizing a Yarn Stash

I sorted by type. baby yarn, fancy (eyelash), cotton yarns, embroidery threads in medium organizers, The larger boxes hold two colors each in 2 boxes, one with blacks,whites, grays and browns, one wi…More

Cindi's Stash: How She Organizes Yarn, Books and Doll Parts

I organize my yarn by colors. This way I know where they are stored. So there is yarn in the guest room's closet in a bookcase. This holds the "darker" colors such as brown, black, blue.Then I have c…More

BJ Strickland's Methods for Organizing Crochet Supplies

I sort by color mostly but I also have separate shelves for "baby project" yarn that includes balls for socks, sweaters, bags of "cakes" for afghans, "scarves & belts" type yarns, specialty yarns tha…More

Kaytee's Stash-Organization Process in Progress

Just starting here, too. By fiber, then size, and if multiple skeins of the same, by label. Mainly to keep care instructions simple.The large footlocker is mostly novelty yarns, with multiples of the…More

Denise Royal's Methods for Organizing Her Craft Room

I sort my yarn by type - cotton, wool, acrylic, baby yarn. I even have some sorted by brand such as Caron or Red Heart. I currently have acquired more yarn that needs to be sorted and put away. I hav…More

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