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Denise Royal's Methods for Organizing Her Craft Room

Share Your Story: Organizing Your Yarn Stash

By Denise Royal

Denise Royal's Methods for Organizing Her Craft Room

My Stash of Hooks

What's In Your Stash? Yarn? Thread? Wire? Plarn? Other?

I have yarn, thread, wire, etc. I have a craft room so it has many items in it.

Is It Mostly Scrap Yarn, New Yarn, Both, Neither?

Mostly new stuff. I do have a bin I put scraps in.

How Big Is Your Stash?

last time I counted I had over 400 skeins

Any Organizational Advice You'd Give to New Crocheters?

use containers to fit your craft.

Explain What You Used to Organize Your Yarn / Thread

I have the cubical shelves with the cubes put in them. Yarn is sorted by type - cotton, wool, etc

How Do You Sort Your Yarn?

I sort my yarn by type - cotton, wool, acrylic, baby yarn. I even have some sorted by brand such as Caron or Red Heart. I currently have acquired more yarn that needs to be sorted and put away. I have a bad habit of just laying the yarn on the table rather than putting it away.

What I'd Do Differently

  • Learn to put things away rather than just set them on the craft table to pile up

Amy Solovay, About.com Crochet, says:

Thanks for the info, Denise!

Everyone, there are several important takeaways here:

  • Sorting by yarn type is a very effective method of stash management. If your stash is large enough to justify it, it is also a good idea to also sort by brand, as Denise mentioned.

  • The scrap bin is a genius idea!

  • In my opinion, a good organization system will allow you to easily see what you've got stashed. Shelves do the trick nicely!

  • Denise also mentioned one of the greatest challenges to maintaining a well-organized stash: putting things away. If this is an issue for you too, it would be worth investing some time into figuring out how you can develop the habit of putting your supplies away. Make a conscious effort to work on it. Even if your organizational system is less than perfect, you'll be able to stay reasonably organized if you can just conquer this aspect!

Thanks again, Denise!

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