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Pmhenry's Story: Practical Advice for Organizing a Yarn Stash

Share Your Story: Organizing Your Yarn Stash

By pmhenry

Pmhenry's Story: Practical Advice for Organizing a Yarn Stash

My current yarn stash

Pmhenry's Story: Practical Advice for Organizing a Yarn Stash

An example of my labels

What's In Your Stash? Yarn? Thread? Wire? Plarn? Other?

A variety of yarns, eyelash/specialty, cottons, acrylics in a variety of colors, homespuns (my favorite) and embroidery threads.

Is It Mostly Scrap Yarn, New Yarn, Both, Neither?

I have a lot of new yarns and many scraps.

How Big Is Your Stash?

It seemed huge to me when I had to organize it. But I suppose it really turned out to be of moderate size. I used 5 large boxes, 3 medium and 3 small.

Any Organizational Advice You'd Give to New Crocheters?

Try and use the yarn when you buy it. It is a lot more fun to go shopping for new yarn for a new project. I buy lots on sale for a "Someday I will want to use it". Then I find myself looking for projects the type of yarn and colors will fit.

Mostly have fun with it.

Explain What You Used to Organize Your Yarn / Thread

I have recently been required to downsize my living space, therefor the yarn ended going into a corner of my not too large bedroom. Since I had yarn in boxes and bags all over the place, it took a lot of thinking and coordinating to combine all of it.

I used clear hard, plastic boxes of various sizes with colored flip style handles that fasten on each end. I purchased these at Alco, Walmart and Target. I found I needed more and more. So be prepared.

Label each box clearly so I don't forget whats where.(old brain)

How Do You Sort Your Yarn?

I sorted by type. baby yarn, fancy (eyelash), cotton yarns, embroidery threads in medium organizers, The larger boxes hold two colors each in 2 boxes, one with blacks,whites, grays and browns, one with pinks and purples, etc. One of projects in the works, one small box with crochet hooks and tools, one small box with knitting needles.

When I am actively working on a project I put the hooks, scissors, needles and needle threaders (bad eyes)in a pencil case in a bag with the yarn I have chosen (or at least as much of it as fits in a bag. Oh, and of course the pattern.

One problem I noticed is the yarn you will want is always in the bottom box. You just have to live with it.

What I'd Do Differently

  • Only buy the yarn I need NOW and use it as I buy it.
  • Plan my colors better,
  • Keep all my tools in one place from the beginning. (Wouldn't that be nice)
  • Have more fun with it instead of always working under pressure, such as 20 hats and scarves starting November for Christmas with like color ranges per family.

Amy Solovay, About.com Crochet, says:

Thanks for all the great info, Pmhenry! This seems like a reasonably workable system, and I hope it will inspire many other people to get organized. There are so many great ideas here, and lots of solid advice. Thanks for sharing your methods with us!
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