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Reader Stories: Organizing Your Yarn Stash

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One thing crochet enthusiasts have in common: we all use fiber or material of some sort- usually yarn, crochet thread, wire, ribbon, or plarn. The more we accumulate, the greater the challenge in keeping it all organized.

Let's discuss the methods we use for keeping our stashes organized. You are invited to share photos of your stash, and explain the methods you use for keeping it sorted.

Thanks in advance to all who participate! The info you share could inspire countless other crocheters to get organized.

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Did you buy organizers? If so, where did they come from and what brand are they? Or did you make your own organizers?
Do you organize by fiber, size, weight, brand, color, or some other method? Why did you choose this way of organizing?

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Is this system ideal for you? Is it working out as well as you hoped? Is there anything that could be improved?

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