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Reader Submissions: Freeform Crochet Projects


These creative freeform crochet projects were submitted by our readers. They've shared photos of each project, plus relevant details about their inspiration for creating it, and the supplies used to make it. They've also shared tips and advice you can use if you'd like to try your hand at crocheting a similar freeform project.

Beaded Yellow Bag by Sharon Moore

I croched my "Sunny freeform beaded bag" using my imagination and Caron Simply Soft in Sunshine. It was my first effort at adding beads to my work. I used many of my favorite crochet stitches and add…More

Freeform Crochet Bag by Ronni Howard

Free form has a way of creating a form from out of NO where . This just seems to fall into a form that I felt would make a nice bag.I have chosen monotone neutral colors and used an antique button f…More

Red Eyed Tree Frog Bag in Freeform Crochet

I designed this bag as a gift for my sister who loves frogs. The colors, design, details were all apart of making that happen. I used all acrylic yarn and did a basic double crochet stitch for the en…More

Sea Shell Crafts Meet Freeform Crochet -- Project by Ronni Howard

Objects that have holes naturally made from nature create a challenging way to combine fibers and threads and crochete to form a totally different combination of texture.. the hard shell versus the s…More

Ronni Howard's Freeform Crochet -- Green Project Series 1

I love adding different colors, textures and using different size hooks...The idea of combining small pieces just came to me as I continue on a random path to whatever happens.. There are NO RULES an…More

Ronni's Freeform Crochet Nests and Stuffed Free Forms

Nature and just the idea of recycling small left over yarns get me going. Multiple textures layered together without any particular object in mind is quite liberating.. I have done some hats also. Th…More

Freeform Crochet Tree Hat by Leslie Nelle-Urinyi

This hat represents the area I live in, in the spring, beautiful trees everywhere. The hat started with a crochet crown with "tree trunks" which I then felted. Landscape crochet around the felted po…More

Lacy Summer Top - A Lightweight Freeform Project by Tjoes

Doing small freeform projects and thinking most freeform looks very bulky and heavy, I decided to make a bigger project thats more lightweight. Freeform does not need to be dark, bulky and heavy.This…More

"Verdant Falls" -- Freeform Knitting and Crochet by Laura Murphy

"Verdant Falls" is a freeform project about the riotous beauty of plants. It's a tumultuous "fall" of greenery, texture and color. It took over 6 weeks of 12-16 hour days to complete. It contains app…More

Texas Freeform, a Crocheted Textile Design by Denise Royal

I saw this picture of the Texas flag inside the shape of Texas and thought it would make a great freeform. Just used various fiber contents and red, white and blue yarns. Motivation was to make somet…More

Freeform Crochet Bed Scarf by Denise Royal

The colors I used match my comforter on my bed. I did this project for the Crochet Guild of America 2010 contest. Colors are oranges, tans, beiges, browns, etc. Yarns are just various types of fiber …More

"Homage to Magpies," a Freeform Crochet Shawl by Jenny Dowde

I've been freeform crocheting since 1997 and while I work mostly with lots of colour, this particular shawl was made in honour of a family of magpies who often visited my backyard.It was made by firs…More

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