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"Homage to Magpies," a Freeform Crochet Shawl by Jenny Dowde

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By JennyDowde

"Homage to Magpies," a Freeform Crochet Shawl by Jenny Dowde

Homage to Magpie Shawl

"Homage to Magpies," a Freeform Crochet Shawl by Jenny Dowde

Example of freeform crocheted 'fragments'.

Project Title and Brief Description

"Homage to Magpie", a shawl by Jenny Dowde

Tell Us All About Your Project

I've been freeform crocheting since 1997 and while I work mostly with lots of colour, this particular shawl was made in honour of a family of magpies who often visited my backyard.

It was made by firstly creating lots of crocheted 'fragments' which were firstly pinned to a large triangular template (made from old sheeting) to 'build' the shawl. The 'fragments' were randomly pinned to the template with however much space I wanted between them and the chain links added while everything was still pinned to the template.

Tips and Tricks

  • Fragments are started by working a few chains, say 15, which are then worked into using whatever stitches you choose.
  • Rule of thumb for each section of colour is 15sts, change yarn - both colour and texture
  • The trick to organic looking freeform is to avoid a linear look so you need to change direction and yarn often
  • Fragments can be hand-sized or larger but if you make them very big, or work in one large piece you need to make sure that they don't start to 'ruffle' (too many stitches in any one area), or 'cup' (too few stitches).
  • I advise my students to work small until they understand the concept.

Web Site With More of Your Crochet Work (Optional)


Recommended Book(s) About Freeform Crochet (Optional)

  • Freeform Knitting and Crochet by Jenny Dowde
  • Freeformations by Jenny Dowde
  • Surface Works by Jenny Dowde

Amy Solovay, About.com Crochet, says:

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To Jenny: Thanks for sharing your expertise, and your fabulous work, with us. Your shawl is so inspiring! I love the dramatic contrasts between light and dark colors. It is such a unique and artistic piece -- Bravo!

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