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Reader Submissions: Freeform Crochet Projects

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Have you ever created a freeform crochet project? If so, we'd love to see it. You are invited to share photos of your freeform crochet project, along with any relevant details about your work.

You can post as many projects as you want to; the more the better! If you'd like to share more than one project, it would be a good idea to fill out a separate page for each -- unless the items you made are intended to be used together as a set.

You may post a link to your crochet-related web site if it showcases your freeform crochet and is available to the public without requiring registration. Irrelevant links will be edited.

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i.e. "'Helter Skelter', a freeform crochet wall hanging by Amy Solovay," or perhaps "Crazy rainbow freeform socks."
Inspiration, motivation for creating the project, construction details, fiber content, yarns & stitches, colors, etc

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Share tips, tricks and advice that others could use if they decide to try crocheting a similar freeform project.

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