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Reader Stories: Tips and Advice From Left-Handed Crocheters


Left-handed people face an extra challenge when learning how to crochet: crochet instructions are typically written for right-handed people.

Here's an opportunity to learn from the experiences of left-handed crocheters; lefties share their methods for learning how to crochet with your left hand. They explain:

  • How they hold their crochet hooks and yarn
  • What resources they used for learning
  • Their advice for the best ways to learn how to crochet with your left hand

Share Advice for Lefties:

Christine Shares Advice for Learning to Crochet Left-Handed

I hold my hook using the pencil grip in my left hand. Now the way I hold a pencil is slightly awkward and I grip my needle up pretty far to the hook, so I have to put some tape around the bottom of m…More

Lee's Tips and Advice for Left-Handed Crochet

I hold the hook in my left hand, using a overhand grip, usually squeezing the flattened part of the hook. My right hand hold the yarn, under my last three fingers, my index finger and thumb hold the …More

Bryan's Experiences With Crocheting Left-Handed

I hold the crochet hook in my left hand like a knife angled up at about a 45 degree angle with the hook grasped firmly between my thumb and the side of my index finger with the rest of the hook resti…More

Patty's Experiences With Crocheting Left-Handed

I always hold my hook in the palm of my hand and guide the yarn with my right hand this has worked for me.So many patterns are written for the right hander we have to sometimes reverse the direction…More

How Angela Learned to Crochet at Age 12

I hold the hook in my right hand and loop the yarn over my for finger on the right hand.I have been doing it this way since I was 12 and I am 56 now.At the age of 12 this made sense to me.It might ta…More

Mairzy's Approach to Crocheting Left-Handed

I use the knife approach and I always use a smaller hook than called for because once I get started, I move pretty quickly. It's easy to lose gauge that way and it's really important to get the gauge…More

Nancy's Tips for Left-Handed Crocheters

Being a lefty, my left hand holds the hook: I put the "butt" of the hook in the bottom of the palm of my hand, wrap my bottom three fingers around the hook and pinch the middle of the hook with my in…More

Learning How to Crochet Left Handed

I hold the hook in my left hand and thread/yarn( I hold with the thumb and first finger,I close my last 3 fingers and the thread goes throuth here,the tension is mostly my little finger. I've watched…More

A Book Taught Lorrie How to Crochet Left-Handed

I hold my crochet hook in my left hand like I am holding a pencil and the yarn is looped over my right index finger I can keep better tension that way I always keep a pad of paper with my project and…More

Debi's Tips and Advice for Crocheting Left-Handed

I hold the hook like I'm holding the a handle of a bicycle.I do not wrap the yarn around my finger for tension. I tend to have what ever I'm making pinched in my right hand and the yarn hanging down …More

Best Books for Learning to Crochet Left-Handed

I hold my hook in my left hand with either the knife grip or the pencil grip depending on the yarn and the project. I hold the yarn with my index finger on my right hand. I do not wrap the yarn aroun…More

Helpful Advice From an Ambidextrous Crocheter

I hold the crochet hook knife style; perhaps once in a while I hold it pencil style.I usually just zig zag the yarn about my fingers. Only if my tension/gauge is off do I wrap it around my forefinger…More

Pauline's Story - A Self-Taught Left-Handed Knitter and Crocheter

I hold my hook with my left hand and the yarn with my right. I hold the hook between my pointer finger and my thumb. I use my left hand to insert the hook into the stitch to be crocheted. The project…More

Dee's Story - Practical Advice for Learning How to Crochet Left-Handed

I use the pencil hold, have tried the other way, it's uncomfortable, though, at times, works better for some projects. Using the hook in my left hand, my right hand holds the yarn/thread woven betwee…More

Moonwillow Learned How to Crochet Left-Handed by Watching a Right-Handed Person

Grip it over handed i guess you could say. Kind of hard to explain. My left hand holds the hook while the right hand holds the yarn. I work from right to left so my patterns may look a little differe…More

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