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Debbiejonathan's Method Reduces Problems With Separated Yarns

Share Your Story: Tips and Advice From Left-Handed Crocheters

By debbiejonathan

How I Learned to Crochet With My Left Hand

I learned to crochet 37 years ago, and no one had even though about publishing a left-handed crocheters instruction manual. I took a right-handed instruction manual and placed it in front of a mirror and looked at the diagrams through the mirror. This way they appeared backwards. If you read the instructions on how to crochet and look at the diagrams backwards (as they should appear to a left-hander when crocheted), you can crochet just about anything you like. I have won several ribbons in the state fair. The secret to great crochet is correct gauge and uniformed tension. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Have fun!

How I Hold My Crochet Hook and Yarn / Thread

I hold the piece in progress between my right middle finger and thumb with the yard wrapped around my index finger, going under my ring finger and little finger which gently hold the yarn in place to keep accurate tension of the yarn. I hold the hook loosely between all the fingers and thumb of my left hand with the curved hook part facing me. This is entirely different from the way a right-handed person holds a hook, but if you will try this method and practice, you will find that you are less apt to separate the yarn and you will be able to crochet rather quickly. Your hand will not get so tired either. I cannot stress enough how important practice is. When beginning to crochet, just single crochet a small piece to practice. The longer you do this, the better your tension will be. I would suggest single crochet at least an entire skein of yarn. Be comfortable with your tension before attempting an item. You will get discouraged and stop before you even begin good if you have not mastered tension--not too tight and not too loose. Always practice every stitch in a pattern before actually attempting the pattern. Yarn is not cheap! Save all your scraps for granny squares or scrap afghans--they are beautiful.


  • Good tips to remember for all crocheters: Read your pattern thoroughly before starting any item and be sure to try out all unfamiliar stitches with SCRAP yarn before actually beginning.
  • ALWAYS do a practice swatch. You will be able to tell if you will actually enjoy making the item or not. DO NOT attempt to do a pattern that you will not enjoy making. Crocheting should be fun and relaxing.
  • Quick Hint: SINGLE CROCHET -- pull up loop and go through two ONCE; DOUBLE CROCHET -- pull up loop and go through two TWICE; Triple Crochet -- pull up loop and go through two THRICE.

Have You Needed Any Special Tools or Equipment?

NO SPECIAL TOOLS NEEDED. Be sure to take out mistakes as you go along and redo to get that special look finished product. Be sure to leave ends long enough to work in. There's nothing worse than little pieces of yarn sticking out of an otherwise beautifully crocheted piece.

Amy Solovay, About.com Crochet, says:

Thanks for the helpful info, Debbie. Congrats on the ribbons! Thanks for sharing all these valuable tips. I am sure they will be useful to other left-handed people who want to learn how to crochet.
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