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Readers Respond: Ideas for Using Crocheted Squares

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From the article: Crochet Squares

You've got crocheted squares. Stacks and stacks and stacks of them. What are you going to do with them? Need some ideas? Our readers to the rescue! We've collected tons of ideas for using crocheted squares in all kinds of different ways. You're sure to find an idea you can use.

Got an idea you'd like to share? Spill it! We wanna hear all about it. Thanks in advance to everyone who participates.

Baby blanket from crochet squares

I used these squares to make a personalized baby blanket for a teacher friend of mine. With alittle help from knowing how to cross-stitch, monogramming the baby's initials in the center was a great touch! Using a computer program like powerpoint is great to help plot what squares can go where. Plus you can design each square with the color combination of your choice so you can actually see your finished design before you ever begin! My next project is for my daughter's college dorm room. Let the plotting begin again!

Practicing my Crochet Projects

This is a good way to learn how to do your crochet patterns
—Guest Mary Simon

crochet granny squares

currently doing these with size 10 crochet cotton to make a bead spread cant wait to see how it looks
—Guest michelle haggon

Make a blanket

If you have a bunch of squares, you can sew or crochet them together for a blanket
—Guest Anonymous

Personalized blanket

Currently i have several diffrent blanket projects going that use this square...I'm using a soft weighted yarn to make several granny squares that I will stitch together to make a blanket for my boyfriend. I have decided to personalize it with the first initial of his last name... His last name starts with a "Q" so, I have chosen my boyfriends 3 favorite colors black, dark blue and grey. The black and blue squares will be stitched together (alternating between the two) and the grey will make a big "Q" in the middle, nothing too fancy... Or at least that's my intended plan... To simplify you could do just two colors but the 3 colors I have chosen will work nicely with our bedroom set... Also using these squares in a baby weight to make a baby blanket for a coworker's son in camp colors for a little boy
—Guest Nellie

Ideas for Crocheted Squares

Make granny sqaures out of 100% cotton such as "Lilly's Sugar 'N Cream" and use them singled as hot pads , dish cloths, coaters or doubled and sewn together as hot pads. Use #6 wt. yarn (such as Lion's Brand Wool Ease Thjick & Quick" ) to make an afghan or lapghan.. Even though a traditional granny square has alot of holes, in this super bulky wt. yarn, these items are surprisingly warm. As someone has already mentioned about "charities", granny square "lapghans" are also well received and badly needed at nursing homes for wheel-chair patients or a "shawl" for their shoulders.

Ideas for crocheted squares

Bibs! Add sides for the baby's neck (lots of patterns on line) make 2 strings as ties and you're done.
—Guest Hortensia


you can sew a couple squares together loosely and crochet some straps into a swimsuit coverup. It would be cute depending on what kind of granny square you use.
—Guest Amanda

You can never have too many!

Satisfy your inner designer and create one of a kind presents for yourself and those you love. A nice mess of squares can be used for anything from a tote bag to a bedspread! Pick a color to tie them together and go for it ! A scarf,a prayer shawl,a baby or lap afghan. A floor pillow, a puppy blanket,you decide. The only limit is your imagination-Good Fun and Good Luck!!

Pillow Cases

I am going to make eight squares, sew them together to make pillow cases for a square pillow! I also want to make one of those shaped bags for hot drinks.
—Guest Kamala

extra squares

My mom connected several squares into a rectangle, the sewed the long edges to the top of our snake's tank and left the short ends open. This made a marvelous "hammock"!! Our snake LOVES it!!!
—Guest CrochetKoonce

Idea for granny squares

I have made toilet paper toppers and tissue box covers from granny squares. Just because a toilet paper roll is round, it doesn't mean your topper has to be. Smaller squares on the top of the tissue box leaves an opening to pull the tissues out.
—Guest Christie


Squares can be joined to make sets of coasters or placemats. Add a beautiful edging then cover over with plastic or leave bare.
—Guest althea

Crochet Squares

Make purses or bags. If you have a couple squares the same size, you can always stitch them together on 3 sides to make a pouch. It's not hard to sew a simple lining out of what ever fabric you have around if your squares aren't solid. Make a quick strap, add a button, and you're done.!
—Guest Cardea

A Few Ideas

If you don't have enough squares to do a whole afghan, make a small lapghan. Or how about using them to make a dog blankie or dog bed. My kids use single squares as blankets for their dolls.
—Guest Carolyn H. Robertson

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