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Readers Respond: Myths, Misconceptions and Aggravating Comments About Crochet

Responses: 28


Have you encountered any myths or misconceptions about crochet? For those of you who crochet in public, what's the most aggravating thing anyone's ever said about your crochet? Also, what's your response to this myth, misconception or aggravating comment?

You Just Never Know

I first learned to knot, but just couldn't get the needles to work for me, so I learned to crochet. My grandmother taught me both. I did a lot of crochet in high school and one of my teachers asked me to help host a crochet after school club. It was one of the most participated clubs that we had. We had most of the cheerleaders in the group! After I raised my family and had the time again, I started crocheting again and have a group of people where I live in a twice a week group. Crocheting just brings out the best in people and it's a needle art that will never die.
—Guest DCMerkle


best comment and i have had many was at age 12 when crocheting in the park with some older friends was and this was over heard "Poor thing,If they keep teaching her that old lady stuff she'll never get married."
—Guest Mandy

Not Irritating Responses

While I sell my handcrafts, I crochet. A lot of people will ask questions or make comments as a way to start a conversation. There are a lot of lonely people out there.
—Guest Glenda

Nope, not the same.

It irritated me to no end when this one guy told me I was stuck up because I corrected people who asked what I was knitting. I couldn't understand his attitude. It's not that I think less of knitting, I actually have learned to knit since the last I saw this guy, I just figure that if someone is interested enough to ask, they might be interested in knowing the accurate term for the activity.
—Guest Cardea

myth conceptions - irritating response

I am in my 30s and my mum taught me to crochet when I was preg with my first child and i've been doing it ever since. Although I am Canadian I am now settled in Ireland and there is a huge uptake in the art here at the minute. Groups are popping up everywhere it's great to see. My daughter is 12 and has been at it for a good few years now, she takes great delight in making stuff for all her wee friends at school she found knitting too ackward (my husbands aunt tried to teach her) but really loves to crochet. It is most def a craft for everyone!
—Guest Mikki

Aggravating comments

I agree with those who mentioned folks expecting us to crochet great stuff for free or just the price of the yarn. I just finished twin blankets, caps and flip flops for babies expected in Florida, and others want sets, too... for nothing. I don't think so. This was a commissioned project for a relative, with yarn cost and something extra; I do not want to make more, especially for nothing or a bare minimum for yarn. Also, I quit crocheting on city buses because people wanted to talk; I wanted to work on my projects, since I crochet to calm my nerves. The worst was one lady who makes beaded bracelets and wanted to trade 2 bracelets for one bottle-holder, when I said I'd make one for $10. I don't want her bracelets. She said she sells them for $5; so sell 2 and commission the bottle-holder!
—Guest Runeshadow

Crocheting is first alphabetically

My Library has had a group, called People who knit, when I crochet there new visitors are surprised and say, I would have come sooner if I knew crochet was allowed. Now that we are called the Twisted Stitchers, the library is stalling at giving us space twice a month. No one else want the space we want, and other nearby libraries host Crocheting and Knitting every week. But we are going thru heck getting a room twice a month.
—Guest patrogers


yeh i crochet in public but it don't bother me they watch how fast i am and yes ask what are u making most times they say ohh can u make me one lol
—Guest judy

most annoying

I find the two most annoying things to be 'what are you knitting?' and 'X needs one, how about making x one?' Sorry, I am NOT knitting and secondly, if x wants one THAT bad, x can buy it. Its not a cheap craft, and custom orders definitely aren't going to be cheaper! You are paying for my time!
—Guest hookysticks

myths, misconceptions about crochet

The most aggravating comment is "what are you making with that needle?" I thought it was pretty obvious I was using a hook. The next most aggravating is "Would you make me one like that? I'll pay you for it." Sure, this one took me 50 hours to make so if my time is worth $5hr it will only cost you $250 plus the cost of the yarn. "But I can get one for $50 at Macy's!" Fine, go buy it.
—Guest BL DeBushe

Conversation Opener

I have been approached by other women who crochet, asking what I'm making and where can they get the pattern. It's always nice to exchange a few words. And yes, there are those who don't seem to comprehend that there is a difference between crocheting and knitting. I've pretty much given up on explaining the difference, especially when I perceive that "Whatever, it's all the same" attitude. MY attitude is: "Whatever, YOU are obviously not observant!"
—Guest Anniem

Make me something!

I get the same thing when I crochet in public. I picked up crochet at my mom and both grandmother's knees, watching them. I started when I was 5 and I am now 51, so I can go pretty fast when working a familiar pattern. People will always comment on that speed and then ask who I am making whatever for. On hearing my reply, they -quite often- suddenly seem to decide they would like a for themselves or their mom or sister's new baby... then they ask the deadly question. How much would x be? When I start describing the options to them for this item, they invariably pick something that is an expert-level pattern with some exceptionally expensive yarn... and then they think I should sell it to them for 10 bucks. "But you just do this for a HOBBY don't you?" -- drives me nuts. If I was going to do this to donate my time and materials-money, it would be for a worthy charity, not someone who just decided to walk up and invade my privacy.
—Guest Charmain

I could never do that!

I am almost always told how clever I am. Then I am told "oh, I could never learn to do that!" If I offer to teach them they always say no. I have also told people that crocheting is much easier than knitting (I think so, anyway), and if they had a bad experience with knitting then crocheting might be just the craft for them. I guess nobody ever tells me I look to young because I'm not :-).
—Guest mardou2


I'm not sure where these people are you are 'attracting', but everyone that has commented on my knitting or crocheting has been very sweet. Most wanting to know how or things like: How long have I been doing it, or if anyone can learn. I tell them one of my son's crochets and my two if my granddaughters, ages 7, 9. I have a 14 year old granddaughter, and a 16 year old grandson that is learning as well. They also like to sew.
—Guest Peggy

aggravating comments I hear

" They usually ask "What are you making/doing?. Then they turn to their friends and say "I don't like to sit and stitch like this for long, who has the patience and time for this. " They also ask if I have help at home to spend time to make/do something like this - in short they think I have lot of time to waste.
—Guest queenie vaz

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