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Readers Respond: Your New Year's Resolutions

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Are you making any crochet-related new year's resolutions this year? You're invited to post them and make an official public declaration!

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Marceme's New Year's Resolutions

hello my resolution was to finish the five afghans i started at same time with scraps THREE ARE DONE so is other projects i started i get board and start others this is first year i have not put them in a bag and forgoten i was cleaning and found bunches of squares and started crochet and five knitted projects i can finish i got one afghan done last night been working on it since aug (stopppd to make a wedding afghan finish another one and then start on christmas gifts GETTING THERE ONE stitch at a time
—Guest marceme

my resolutions

I am going to try to finish Items I started, and put away, so I could finish some other crochet project, I am going to complete the Tablecloth for my Daughter, I have made one for each of my children.
—Guest vickie

Size Counts

I resolve to learn how to change the size of a project. I never can get the number of chains correct. Also, learn how to crochet evenly. I always start how crocheting loosely, then I crochet much tight by the 5th row.
—Guest Kim

Get back to it!

I have basic crochet skills, and a TON of YARN. Alot of it was given to me by my Grandma before she passed away. I've held onto it all, trying to do a yo yo type blanket for my mother. It will be finished this year! Luckily for me, I've held onto it for so long that the colors are now back in style, LOL... ;)
—Guest Beth

My New Year's Resolution

I just learned how to crochet. This year I resolve to make (and finish) my first project, an afghan. I can't wait!
—Guest Martha

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Your New Year's Resolutions

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