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Readers Respond: What Is Your Favorite Crochet Hook?

Responses: 41


What is your favorite crochet hook? Why is it your favorite?

Perhaps you own a hook that has sentimental value. Perhaps you've discovered a hook that works especially well for your favorite crochet technique. Perhaps your favorite hook is one that is colorful, or beautiful, or vintage, or handcrafted. Whatever your reason for loving it, we'd love to know about it!

Susan Bates is Numero Uno!

In the lower end DEFINITYLY Susan Bates. Boye has a drag on them and splits the yarn. Could not fing my Bates 'E' last night. Started the project with Boye and got very frustrated. Re-united with Bates today and it's smooth flowing from here on out. Bates Silverlume wins in my book!
—Guest Picky


I have tried both the Susan Bates plastic and metal hooks, and the tried and true Boye hooks. I truly do perfer the Boye hooks, and seldom have any difficulty with them. I tend to crochet very tightly, and the Susan Bates hooks are just too chunky to get a good stitch defination. Also, they tend to snag. I have also tried bamboo hooks, but found they snag too much also. My very favorite hooks continue to be the Boye and I have given all my Susan Bates away to a friend who has pain in her hands and likes them better as they are easier for her to grip. So, in all fairness to both brands, I sopose it just depends on your individual preference.
—Guest ter

my favorite crochet hook

I like INOX/PRYM the best (I got mine at Spin Blessing) Second choice is Gem and third choice is from Hobby Lobby called Yarnology....I have every kind but don't like most of them
—Guest ymdixon

favorite crochet hook

I have tried evey hook you can think of but like INOX/PRYM the best, without a doubt.INOX was sold in Germany, but changed to Prym. I found them at Spin Blessing.com in USA. I like the ones without the plastic handles because they have the indent for the thumb.I once in awhile use another kind but always go back to these. I also like GEM but can't find them anywhere......

favorite crochet hook

i started out 36 years ago, making a simple baby afghan, size g hook, and still have that same hook, and it has worn paint where my finger still rests. through many moves, i still got that hook, my hooks are in a big coffee can with a lid, fastened down with duct tape. yep, good ole duct tape, used for crocheting too!!!
—Guest beverly beckham

My Crochet Career Has Been Saved!

I started out with Boye hooks 27 years ago. Then I fell in love with Susan Bates and would use nothing else However, now that my fingers are suffering with arthritis, it has been a more and more painful experience to do what I love most. Then, last Christmas, my-husband-who-loves-me got me a set of Laurel Hill hand made wooden hooks. My life has been renewed!!! The lighter weight is much less stress on the individual fingers, and much less wear on the arm muscles up to the shoulder. The indent for the finger makes for comfortable smooth work. The wood itself works through any yarn without snags or tears. The hook is well defined and grabs the yarn without any special maneuvering. Yes, I admit the cost was a bit much. But, considering how many hours a day I crochet, it was well worth the price!!! I will never go back to aluminum!!!
—Guest Anniem

Clover Softtouch Crochet Hook

My favourite is the Clover SoftTouch Crochet hook. I find these the most comfortable to hold because of larger and flattened handle. My second choice is Susan Bates hooks. I also use the wooden egg-shaped hook. My hands tend to become fatigued & achy if I crochet for long periods; switching hooks & projects, especially very light weight projects, or between crocheting & knitting helps.
—Guest SharonDSinclair

Your Favorite Hook

I prefer plastic hooks. I like Susan Bates and Boye hooks and use both quite frequently if I can't find a plastic hook in the needed size at the time I start a project. I love plastic hooks, though, because they seem to give a bit when you're crocheting and conform to your fingers--almost as if the hook and fingers are one. I do like to use a NEW hook when starting projects that I'm giving away, especially baby afghans. It seems that sometimes hooks get worn and that's what makes them "grab" or split yarn. If you're spending $$$ on yarn and time making the project, shouldn't you invest a few $$$ on a new hook so you don't split your yarn and have a smooth-looking finished project????
—Guest debbiejonathan

Favorite hook

I am 51, and have been crocheting avidly for 46 years. Nothing beats a Boye in my book. I have tried others over the years and always end up going back to my old standard. I always seem to "lose" the ones I buy to try -- but I have dozens of Boye hooks and they always come back to my zipcase. I have no idea what happens to the rest. :)
—Guest Charmain

Boye size H

This is what my first hook was and I still love it! I love the shape of Boye. Susan Bates feels awkward. I wonder if some people prefer one over the other depending on if they hold it like a pencil or a knitting needle. hmm ???
—Guest lilput

another hook

i found a hook wile sorting my stash last night it was a h MY FAVORITE SIZE BACK THEN it was a very pretty pinkish color AND I SEE IT WAS A GEM HOOK That has to be very old they dont make them now IT FIT MY GRIP SO MUCH BETTER THAN THESE bates and boye hooks they role they are good hooks but i love this hook i had mis placed it and now i have it in the position to use again ... im so loving it i also found my INHERITED HOOKS they are thread hooks one was a five and one was a 13 i dont know what size the others were but you can tell how old they the hook part (TIP) was a little rusted...
—Guest marceme

my favorite hook

it was first hook i ever bought for my self it was a very pretty green i had it over ten years... it fid good in my hand grip i bought it in a store that is now out of business and my mom and i went there alot SHE NOW GONE TOO

favorite hook

my favorite hook for years was H and half double crochet now i like doing the larger j and higher cause it makes things bigger and not so tight takes less yarn also

fav hook

I like the Redheart Crystallites. Smooth, cheap and have easier hook on them that doesn't split yarn...


I learned with Boye hooks, but was never really pleased with how often they got hung up. I discovered Susan Bates hooks by accident one day and now I have replaced all my Boyes with Susan Bates Silvalume hooks in every size!!! and I even have the Red Heart plastic hooks for the largest sizes because they are the same as the Susan Bates hooks and the lightweight plastice hooks are GREAT for making afghans and throws!!! (^_^)
—Guest Soleil du Verseua

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