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Readers Respond: Crochet vs Knitting

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Crocheting & knitting

I like doing crochet better than knitting, but love the look of both. As EvelynAvalon pointed out, there are more and more beautiful crochet sweater patterns being published. The way to make crochet drape more for clothing is to use smaller yarn and bigger hooks. Probably no handknitting is quite as drapy as machine-knitted t-shirts either, because most people probably wouldn't hand-knit that much stockinette with such small yarn. (Though you do see lace-weight yarn used a lot in shawls, but they're not stockinette).
—Guest Norah

Knitting vs. Crochet

I do both. While crochet tends to be faster, it also tends to be more openwork. For a solid fabric, knitting is the way to go unless you are doing tunisian crochet. However, I enjoy doing both arts.

I Like Both Knitting and Crocheting

I like both knitting and crocheting. I knit and crochet my hats. For afghans, definitely crochet, it's way faster than knitting an afghan.
—Guest Trina1952

Crochet All The Way!

Are you kidding? Crochet, crochet, crochet, crochet. Did I mention crochet? Crochet is easier. Crochet is way faster. And crochet is better for everything except sweaters. Even then, it's a tossup, because there are more and more beautiful crochet sweater patterns available. If you only learn to do one or the other, make it crochet!
—Guest Evelyn Avalon

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