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Readers Respond: Crochet vs Knitting

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Knitting makes my arms hurt and is comparatively slow, though this has lessened since I learned continental and bought a pair of square needles. It also took me a few weeks to learn how to knit versus less than a week to crochet all the basic stitches. I've found that I get nice drape with crocheted fabric if I use lace/sock weight yarn with larger hooks. Natural fibers also tend to drape better than acrylics.
—Guest fayn871


I really like both. I can sort of compare one to sculpture, the other to architecture. Knitting sort of needs to follow a pattern, with crochet, as long as you follow some basic rules for keeping the fabric flat or whatever you're after, the sky's the limit. It's easier to undo if you don't like a color, or think a type of stitch isn't working. I love the variation of stitches. But knitting is really nice when you want a thinner fabric that may flow a bit more. But both are great, I just like the freedom of crochet a bit better. Either are great for teaching children that patience can have significant rewards and to learn to follow directions.
—Guest hinton

Knit and crochet

Crochet and knitting use approximately the same amount of yarn. Visit "crochet liberation front" . They performed an experiment to prove their point using equivalent yarn , hook and stitch size. And by the way the advances made in crochet clothing design are astonishing. Accepting prejudicial concepts about crochet is a creative limitation that prevents others from seeing the enormous potentialities of crochet and/ or tunisian crochet. I knit and crochet and love them both. I consider them both essential skills and equally beautiful. The only limitation is ones imagination. In the end that's what it's all about . . . How creative and imaginative can you be with either skill.
—Guest Celia


I'm a beginner and I crocheted a scarf in a day! It's so much quicker and easier. I tried knitting and it took much longer!
—Guest Anonymous


I knit and crochet, but I'd have to say I like crochet more. You can make toys, flowers, doilies, and other non-quadrilateral objects without the hassle of multiple needles. Knit, however, uses less yarn and there's only two stitches (knit and purl). Plus, it's easier to see where you put in the needle, so I'd recommend knitting for beginners. For me it depends on the type of project I'm going to make.
—Guest Laura

Both are good for different things

Crocheting is easier for me, I think because I learned it first and as a child. Further, in crochet you work one stitch at a time, while in knitting all your stitches are moving from one needle to the other for the whole duration of the row. So I think one needs a different thought process for single-stitch work at a time than when holding multiple stitches at a time. So in sum, I think one's ease range will depend on his/her fine motor aptitudes and skill sets. Our brains are also more plastic when we're young, so learning new things is easier then. Another factor is pure aesthetics and personal tastes. Knitting is better for garments because it uses less yarn (and thus is lighter weight) and its basic stitches don't have those pesky holes between them like crochet stitches do. On the other hand, one big strength crochet has over knitting is its diversity in terms of motifs -- especially lacey motifs. This makes for innumerable possibilities in terms of color, shape and assemblage.
—Guest Marie

Love both

knitted is better for jerseys and clothing items. crochet is better if you want to make something funky and creative ;)
—Guest Courts

Still Can't Decide

I learned to crochet when I was eight years old, then laid it down for many years. I was taught by a babysitter, and my mom didn't do needlework, so I lost interest. After my kids were out of the baby stage, I learned to knit, then "retaught" myself crochet a few years later. Honestly, I can't decide which craft I prefer. Both have their advantages!
—Guest Cheryl


I find crochet a lot faster and easier. You can also make basically anything with just your hook, while knitting you may need other materials to make circles and things. Also, if you drop a stitch in crochet, it doesn't really matter, but in knitting, your entire column may unravel. Knitting is also slower than crochet
—Guest tegami

Crochet all the way

I learned to knit first but as soon as I learned to crochet I abandoned the needles almost altogether. The only time I use knitting now is for illusion or shadow knit scarves. I hate the feeling of being "stuck on the needles." I hate dropped stitches. I hate double pointed needles. I like having a purse full of different crochet hooks and only using one at a time. I love free-form crochet. I love the versatility of stitch heights (slip stitch through triple... double triple...) and how easily they combine to form different shapes. The only downside to me is that crochet takes up more yarn so you have to buy more. But it's so more than worth it.
—Guest Rainy


It all depends on the project I'm doing. Crochet works better for toys and creating things that need a denser fabric. But I love the flexibility and drape of knitting. I tend to prefer to use crochet for blankets (knitting gets pretty heavy) and rugs, but almost everything else I make is knit.
—Guest Stephanie


I am knitting snob, but I have to admit, crocheting has some really cute things that can't be done with knitting.
—Guest jpie

LOVE Crochet!!

knitting is good but its difficult, compared to crochet. crochet is Easy and gets over quickly. unlike kitting which is a very slow and lengthy thing. but unlike knitting crochet doesn't have many designs and patterns. i personally prefer crochet coz i could finish a project in a day or 2 unlike knitting that requires more than a wk to finish one project.
—Guest Hannoush

Crochet for the win!

I love crochet. I've been trying to knit for a while because there are so many patterns for knitting, but it fails. Knitting really makes my arms hurt a lot. On the other hand, crochet is so much faster and is a lot easier on my poor arms. Honestly, I loved crochet once I first picked up a crochet needle. Not so much knitting. Now, my knitting needles are kept in a backpack (yes, I'm a thirteen year old crocheter) in self defense. (Have you seen how sharp those needles are?)To the person who said that crochet has dozens of stitches and uses a lot of yarn, be honest: are you an expert on crochet? I could say that that's totally false.
—Guest Emily

knit and crochet

Both. It`s exciting to make an item, for instance, a knitted afghan, and edge it with crochet. Or crochet the afghan and edge it with crochet. So much yarn, so little time!
—Guest michigan

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