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Readers Respond: Crochet vs Knitting

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Share your thoughts on the topic of crochet vs knitting. Which do you prefer? In your experience, which one is faster? In your opinion, is one technique better suited to certain types of projects than the other? Share Your Thoughts

kniting rocks

crocheting takes forever that is why i think kniting is faster i am 10 i know
—Guest kniting

Crochet versus Knitting

definitely crochet , crochet, crochet and more crochet. I love hand knitting as well but its too slow. Machine knitting good but just put machine up for sale
—Guest Bilkys

Crocheting is more flexible

Knitting and crocheting are both fun, but the #1 reason why I would choose crocheting over knitting is it is more flexible ... You can do Hats, Scarves, Afghans, Purses, Even Dog Sweaters are better crocheted,Mittens or Gloves, Flowers, Rugs, Cozies (iPod, Coffee Cup) , Dishcloths & Dishtowels, Cowls, Socks & Slippers, among other things. And the different stiches are endless, but that is the only reason why I like crocheting more then knitting. when it comes to a men's beret knitting works the best for me. That is what got me started , I love berets.


I can both knit and crochet and have to say that I almost always prefer crochet to knit. There are are a few times when I just like the look of knit. Crochet is very versatile. Not only do can you any yarn there is available, but there are also many threads. Crochet can be worked in to very fine and intricate lace patterns, doilies to bulky hats and blankets. Crochet is faster for me. It seems to use up yarn faster than knit does. I don't know if it uses more yarn or not because the project also gets bigger faster.
—Guest Barbara

Crocheting! :)

Crocheting is easier because you can make things as big and as long as you want them. With knitting you are limited to making things as long as your needle. With crocheting the possibilities are endless.
—Guest Pandaemonium

Crochet and Knitting

When choosing between crochet and knitting the application is key. If you want something that is thicker and more structured or you would like to make a lot of non-linear designs using negative space (e.g. lace), choose crochet. If you want something smooth that drapes well and you don't mind that your patterns are based on a grid, choose knitting. For instance, I prefer to crochet house slippers and knit socks because the crochet house slippers are thick enough to keep my feet warm and I don't mind if they are a bit stiff but for socks I need the smooth flexibility of knitting as I will wear them with shoes over them--which would push the knots of crochet socks into feet painfully. One thing that I don't think anyone mentioned is that knitting is great if you want a project that you can do blind. I always need to look at my crochet in order to make sure that I am picking up loops correctly--so it isn't great if I can't see well.
—Guest Valerie

Knitting is easier

Knitting is easier, I knitted a scarf today and tried to crochet one but all I did was a line...good luck finding your own(:way
—Guest Galllina

Definitely crochet

I have been struggling with knitting for a while but I was taught crochet when I was very young. Crochet is definitely easier to do, easier to fix, and faster! Crocheted material is also able to take more abuse than knitted material I think. You're not fighting with two long needles you're using a single hook which is smaller and more comfortable to the hand. As your not needlebound you can be more creative with your projects. Instead of knitting squares for an afgan, for instance, you can crochet a single large article. I think crochet has more flexability in general. I will however say that I prefer the look of a knitted project to a crocheted project when it comes to your basic knit stitch or garder stitch vs single or double stitch with crochet.
—Guest flamefangahs


It is so easy and simple to do and it's just so much fun!!! It also makes a cool pattern.
—Guest Rachel


Knitting is easier, faster and more fun! With crochet your knot sometimes falls out and that's no fun!
—Guest Awesome


Knitting works better for me with my carpel tunnel issues, which, when I crochet, the pain radiates all the way up the back of my arm and into my neck. I do miss the freedom of shaping with the hooks though, slippers were so easy to go nuts with (for babies) I'm feeding my creativity with unusual yarns, stitches and differemt size needles than you might think to use in order to get more unusual artistic effects. I'm also happier with the way things fit and hold their shape when knit. Crochet leg warmers for instance, fit for all of 2 days before they fit elephant legs.
—Guest Pamela


I love to crochet it is so much easier and the possibilities for designs are endless. Also, I recently learned amigurumi by using crochet and it is so much fun.
—Guest Maria


Knitting makes my arms hurt and is comparatively slow, though this has lessened since I learned continental and bought a pair of square needles. It also took me a few weeks to learn how to knit versus less than a week to crochet all the basic stitches. I've found that I get nice drape with crocheted fabric if I use lace/sock weight yarn with larger hooks. Natural fibers also tend to drape better than acrylics.
—Guest fayn871


I really like both. I can sort of compare one to sculpture, the other to architecture. Knitting sort of needs to follow a pattern, with crochet, as long as you follow some basic rules for keeping the fabric flat or whatever you're after, the sky's the limit. It's easier to undo if you don't like a color, or think a type of stitch isn't working. I love the variation of stitches. But knitting is really nice when you want a thinner fabric that may flow a bit more. But both are great, I just like the freedom of crochet a bit better. Either are great for teaching children that patience can have significant rewards and to learn to follow directions.
—Guest hinton

Knit and crochet

Crochet and knitting use approximately the same amount of yarn. Visit "crochet liberation front" . They performed an experiment to prove their point using equivalent yarn , hook and stitch size. And by the way the advances made in crochet clothing design are astonishing. Accepting prejudicial concepts about crochet is a creative limitation that prevents others from seeing the enormous potentialities of crochet and/ or tunisian crochet. I knit and crochet and love them both. I consider them both essential skills and equally beautiful. The only limitation is ones imagination. In the end that's what it's all about . . . How creative and imaginative can you be with either skill.
—Guest Celia

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Crochet vs Knitting

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