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Readers Respond: Best Sizes for Making Crocheted Scarves

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Scarf size

I don't like wide scarves. I make 4-6 in wide. Everyone likes them long. I usually go 6 ft or until I run out of yarn.
—Guest Linda

Scar Size

I'm with Dorothea -- I like long ones, too. As of the past month or so, I've been busy making cowls. An even quicker project than a scarf and really trendy right now. There's no shortage of free patterns for them.
—Guest Leslie

Ideal Scarf Length

I like to do what I call a 40/40 scarf. 40 stitches, and make it 40 inches long. It's ideal for tucking into coat lapels and won't get in the way.
—Guest Susan Craig


174 sc, a perfect start, you can do almost everything from there as far as stiches. Can be wrapped twice and still leave a pervect length.

scarf size

It depends on who you are making it for yourself, a child, a man, etc. Also the size of yarn and hook you are using. Sometimes it's just until I run out of yarn!
—Guest Darlene

Scarf Measurements

If it's an outdoor winter scarf, I measure from the top of the forehead to the neck in back for the width. That way it can double as a hood in bad weather. For length,I make it at least long enough to wrap around the neck twice and tie, again for bad weather.
—Guest Laurie

Scarf size

I think size depends on whether you want it for looks or warmth. I live in Central Alaska where I NEED a scarf for warmth. Therefore, I need it a little wider and a lot longer so I can wrap it around my neck, throw the ends over my shoulders and they will stay there when I put my coat on and I'll stay warm. It irritates me to have the ends keep falling and I have to continually throw them back over my shoulder or around my neck. My opinion.
—Guest Sharon

Best Scarf Size

Well, it all depends on the purpose of the scarf, and the person for whom you are making it. If you are making a kid's scarf, obviously, it can't be as long as an adult scarf. If it is a decorative scarf, not meant to keep cold necks warm, then that is different than something designed to wrap around your face and neck to hold back the cold. Too short and it's useless, too long and it's dangerous. I generally make mine go from fingertip to fingertip with arms straight out.
—Guest Sweetdoggie

scarf size

I'm making scarf/hat/mitten sets for all my female family members Christmas. Each scarf is about 12 inches wide and 60 inches long. I'm using all different cable and lace patterns for them.
—Guest banana42

Scarf Sizes

Normal size would be 6"wide by 60"long. And I would adjust from there.
—Guest Dawn

Scarf Sizes

I like long scarves, about 6 feet or so. Width depends on the material and design. For real bulky yarns, I don't go as wide as I do with finer yarns where the scarf can be doubled. Hope this helps.

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