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Readers Respond: Best Sizes for Making Crocheted Scarves

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Carol asks, "What's the best size to make a scarf? Do you have any guidelines available? both length and width. Thanks."

I don't personally know of any specific rules governing scarf length; as far as I know, it's all about personal preference. So, I thought I'd open the floor for comments and opinions from all of you. Do you have a favorite scarf? If so, how long is it? How wide is it? Share your opinion about what's the best size for a scarf.

Depends on the person

I make scarves for myself, family, friends, and to sell. I usually keep them 5-7 in wide, but the length varies. One friends wanted to wrap it around her neck 3x so it's perfect for our cold winters. Usually I'll make the first row (i go length wise back and forth) wrap it around my neck (place it in front under chin then criss cross it in back to that both sides are dangling in front of you), and as long as it hangs at my waist it's a good length. That way they can also do the "keyhole" and it's still mid torso. I just recently started making the circle/infinity scarf and haven't quite decided the length on that before I sew the ends together. If anyone has an answer for me, please let me know! Thanks
—Guest Heather

best size to make a scarf

for winter scarves, I make it so that it wraps all the way around the neck at least once. For other scarves, it's a personal preference. OTIA
—Guest otia


I love to crochet and knit hooded scarfs.This is easyer on kids they won"t loose the hats. keep their head and neck warm.

Depends on how it will be used :)

Hello. I was thinking about your question about the best size for a scarf. If you mean a nice warm winter scarf, I would say about 10-12 inches wide and 3 feet long. I like a scarf that will wrap around my neck and cover my ears. Now if you mean a pretty scarf as a clothing accessory, I like long, narrow scarves made from soft thin yarn. Maybe only 6 inches wide (ruffled or rusched) and 3 feet long. Whichever you mean, have fun with it! Marcia

scarf size

I find that I prefer two different scarf sizes - either the short, neckwarmer style (usually with a keyhole) or one that's long enough to wrap around my neck so both ends then hang down in the front. The longer ones tend to be more popular with the twenty-somethings like my daughter and her friends. For men, the mid-range seems to be best unless you KNOW the guy likes long scarves. For the guys, the scarf should be just long enough to wrap around his neck and tuck in under the jacket lapels.
—Guest jd wolfe

My favorite scarf length

I like to make my scarves about 2 inches wider than the space from my chin to my chest and long enough to double it and "keyhole" it around my neck. I also like to make scarves wide enough to cover my head to double as a hood.
—Guest gglefty

Totally preference!

I have one daughter who loves to loop her scarves and one who just likes to wear them round and round...I make 'em until they're done and the girls say, OK, it's long enough!
—Guest Melanie Morton

scarf size

I usually use 9 - 12 inches wide and the distance from one wrist to the other over the shoulders
—Guest ruth

scarf length

I don't think they look good if they are longer than outer garment
—Guest Ruth

Scarf size

I don't like wide scarves. I make 4-6 in wide. Everyone likes them long. I usually go 6 ft or until I run out of yarn.
—Guest Linda

Scar Size

I'm with Dorothea -- I like long ones, too. As of the past month or so, I've been busy making cowls. An even quicker project than a scarf and really trendy right now. There's no shortage of free patterns for them.
—Guest Leslie

Ideal Scarf Length

I like to do what I call a 40/40 scarf. 40 stitches, and make it 40 inches long. It's ideal for tucking into coat lapels and won't get in the way.
—Guest Susan Craig


174 sc, a perfect start, you can do almost everything from there as far as stiches. Can be wrapped twice and still leave a pervect length.

scarf size

It depends on who you are making it for yourself, a child, a man, etc. Also the size of yarn and hook you are using. Sometimes it's just until I run out of yarn!
—Guest Darlene

Scarf Measurements

If it's an outdoor winter scarf, I measure from the top of the forehead to the neck in back for the width. That way it can double as a hood in bad weather. For length,I make it at least long enough to wrap around the neck twice and tie, again for bad weather.
—Guest Laurie
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