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Readers Respond: How Soon Should You Start Working on a Baby Afghan?

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Mary's Baby Afghan Time Frame

It depend on the pattern and or yarn. It takes about 1-2 weeks working on it in the evening while I watch TV.
—Guest Mary

Elaine's One-Pounder Baby Afghans

It takes me about 2 wks to make an afghan from the pattern on the one pounder yarn label usually make one on my vac. It's a hooded crocheted one
—Guest Elaine

Making Baby Afghans

It depends on the pattern. A baby ripple or v-stich takes me a week or so. A pineapple pattern took me about three weeks and a waffle stitch takes me at least a month. I'm retired so I have more time than someone who is working or busy raisin a family. All of the patterns I do are fairly simple.
—Guest dorismae904

Samotheral's Baby Afghan

I just finished a baby afghan for my great nephew due in august and it only took me about a month & half to finish.
—Guest sharon


Depends on the complexity of the pattern. It also depends if the future parents waited to find out the sex of the child. Color Choices are huge !!

Baby Afghan Time Frame

My daughter just announced she is 3 months pregnant and I have already started on two afghans. I have also picked out a number of other items I plan to make. Maybe this is because it is my first grandchild! I always like to leave as much time as possible for gifts as you never know what can go wrong..
—Guest Ronnie

How Long for a Baby Afghan?

Since I do so many for friends and charity I can usually do an easy to intermediate pattern in a week to 10 days. Harder patterns (usually with cables) will take about twice that.
—Guest Celtie

Time Frame for Baby Afghan

I was just learning to crochet when I made my first baby afghan. A good friend was due in March and I wanted to make a blanket for the shower. I picked an easy pattern and went to work. It took me about 6 weeks working on it in the evenings. I barely made it in time. My next venture was for a friend due in August and I started really early. I had 6 months to finish it and it took the whole time! For me, I have learned that I need to set a goal of when I want to be finished with it so that I don't procrastinate thinking "Oh, I have plenty of time I'll work on that later."
—Guest Lois

Baby Afghan

I make a baby afghan that only takes me a weekend. It is a free pattern on the lion brand website - v-stitch blankie, it is 2 strands at once and comes out very cushiony and everyone I have made one for loves it.

How Long to Make Baby Afghan

It takes me approximately 68 to 108 hours to make a baby afghan
—Guest gramapeach

Time to Make a Baby Blanket

A pattern that requires one yarn and a repetitive crochet stitch takes about one month of evenings to finish. A pattern, such as granny squares, takes longer to assemble the pieces than to create them ! I've been working on the Flower Garden quilt pattern in crochet and it seems to take a very long time with all the hexagons to assemble and then the ends to weave in. So allow time according to your pattern and your ability. I make afghans continually and store them for future occasions.
—Guest Kathleen

How Soon Should You Begin a Baby Afghan?

I work on them even when there are no babies in the near future. This way I have some available when needed for showers, etc. As I work full time, work on them in the evenings & weekend. I I usually allow at least 1 full week to complete. As for my own, I just finished one in 4 days. Made a hat & booties to go with it also.
—Guest bebe81150

How Long

If you have 3 to 4 hours a day to crochet, it should take you about 4-6 weeks to make a 40 x 40 baby afghan.

Quick & Easy Baby Afghan

I have made lots of baby afghans, and I started with an 8 hour afghan pattern which is VERY simple. Get a size Q hook, and two colors of yarn, like pink & white, or blue & white, whatever colors you want. You chain 48, then single crochet starting in the 2nd chain. Continue with single crochet until blanket is the length you want it. I then changed to a smaller hook and single crocheted and edge around it a couple of times. It doesn't take much longer than 8 hours, and looks very nice. It is an open blanket/afghan, would look great wrapped around a baby in a receiving style blanket, and it is very warm. One year I made at least one per month, for the baby showers that we had at our church one year. Enjoy!

Timing a Baby Afghan

I just finished 2 baby blankets. One an actual blanket type, like a receiving blanket size and one a mile a minute afghan. I finished both within a week. Or maybe just beyond a week. If one works at it they can have it finished in a short time. If it's hit and miss then it will take longer. Cecile Fredrickson
—Guest Cecile Fredrickson
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