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Readers Respond: How Soon Should You Start Working on a Baby Afghan?

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Time for Baby Afghan

It takes me about 2 days to make a baby afghan...with out interruptions, doing the daily things I have to do....Otherwise it is about 4 days..I make the granny sqaure and continue until it is the size I want, normally two skeins of 6-oz yarn..and in baby yarn..I just finished making 50 carnations and it took close to two weeks.
—Guest gmom

Baby Afghan

As soon as I find out the gender I will start crocheting a one pounder with out the hood. Takes about two to three weeks using the pattern from the wool cover. After I block it I do a contrasting tri-color shell trim all the way around. With any leftover wool, a baby head band can be made too.
—Guest Evelyn

How Soon Should You Begin a Baby Afghan

I taught my self to crochet when I was pregnant with my first baby. I made a pale green and white granny square afghan. Can't remember how many squares to took to complete now. But it was done in a couple of weeks. So then I used the same pattern for sweater, cap and booties. They were done well before she came. In those days we didn't know what we were having. My family was amazed and so proud of me. I crocheted sets for my next four babies branching out and using different patterns. And now for my grandchildren and great grandchildren. But my favorite was still the first one. Thank you for the happy memory.

Baby Afghan Time Frame

I have made several and depending on the pattern I generally finish in about 2 to 3 weeks.

Time Frame on Baby Afghan

I've finished one in a week - it wasn't a complicated pattern and I'm a fast crocheter, so I could do it over the weekend and after work and get it done. I think it depends on how fast you are and the pattern complexity and how much time you're willing to devote to it. With baby afghans in particular, I think it's more about the color than the pattern anyway. Not too hole-y, so it doesn't catch tiny digits, not too heavy so it doesn't swelter, nice and soft for baby skin, sweet colors - that's it! :)
—Guest DonnaB

In Lieu of the Traditional Baby Afghan

I've never counted the hours, but the ones I choose to make aren't simple because I want them to be special. In recent years I've given up baby afghans, esp. since I see so many in thrift shops. Instead I make an afghan a child can enjoy.

Mary's Baby Afghan Time Frame

It depend on the pattern and or yarn. It takes about 1-2 weeks working on it in the evening while I watch TV.
—Guest Mary

Elaine's One-Pounder Baby Afghans

It takes me about 2 wks to make an afghan from the pattern on the one pounder yarn label usually make one on my vac. It's a hooded crocheted one
—Guest Elaine

Making Baby Afghans

It depends on the pattern. A baby ripple or v-stich takes me a week or so. A pineapple pattern took me about three weeks and a waffle stitch takes me at least a month. I'm retired so I have more time than someone who is working or busy raisin a family. All of the patterns I do are fairly simple.
—Guest dorismae904

Samotheral's Baby Afghan

I just finished a baby afghan for my great nephew due in august and it only took me about a month & half to finish.
—Guest sharon


Depends on the complexity of the pattern. It also depends if the future parents waited to find out the sex of the child. Color Choices are huge !!

Baby Afghan Time Frame

My daughter just announced she is 3 months pregnant and I have already started on two afghans. I have also picked out a number of other items I plan to make. Maybe this is because it is my first grandchild! I always like to leave as much time as possible for gifts as you never know what can go wrong..
—Guest Ronnie

How Long for a Baby Afghan?

Since I do so many for friends and charity I can usually do an easy to intermediate pattern in a week to 10 days. Harder patterns (usually with cables) will take about twice that.
—Guest Celtie

Time Frame for Baby Afghan

I was just learning to crochet when I made my first baby afghan. A good friend was due in March and I wanted to make a blanket for the shower. I picked an easy pattern and went to work. It took me about 6 weeks working on it in the evenings. I barely made it in time. My next venture was for a friend due in August and I started really early. I had 6 months to finish it and it took the whole time! For me, I have learned that I need to set a goal of when I want to be finished with it so that I don't procrastinate thinking "Oh, I have plenty of time I'll work on that later."
—Guest Lois

Baby Afghan

I make a baby afghan that only takes me a weekend. It is a free pattern on the lion brand website - v-stitch blankie, it is 2 strands at once and comes out very cushiony and everyone I have made one for loves it.
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