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Readers Respond: Ideas for Using Crocheted Triangles

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From the article: Crochet Triangle Patterns

If you were to crochet a bunch of triangles, what would you do with them? Need some ideas? Our readers to the rescue! We've collected tons of ideas for using crocheted triangles in all kinds of different ways. You're sure to find an idea you can use.

Got an idea you'd like to share? Spill it! We wanna hear all about it. Thanks in advance to everyone who participates.


made an afghan in different ways of turning the triangles and then edged it with the triangles
—Guest beverlee perez

Triangle Corner Doily

My daughter's bedroom is an oddly-shaped space that was a newer addition to the house. There's a built-in corner shelf that needed a little something, so I used a crocheted triangle doily to dress it up. I couldn't find a suitable pattern so I just made it up as I went along.
—Guest rrstwalters

Triangle Ideas

Use triangles to make table runners, scarves, shawls, or pillows, to name a few.
—Guest Shelby Lawrence

Triangle Shawl

I made a shawl using a whole bunch of triangles joined together. I put fringe across the lower edges and it turned out beautiful. Gave the shawl to my sister as a gift and she loves it!
—Guest Cindy

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